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Faces of Japantown

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A trademark was created as a unifying symbol for over 100 youths participating in an organized sports association. Uniforms, caps, equipment bag and stationary were also designed. 

1962 NAU AA Northern CA Champions

San Francisco Associates

The Associates philosophy is to provide a healthy, nurturing organized sports environment for the youth. An environment in which to participate in competitive athletic, in a team sport atmosphere. Keeping in mind the first priority, the participants’ interest, the Associates prime goal is to develop the basic values of sportsmanship, fair play, respect for teammates and competitors alike, and a sense of competition. In developing pride among our youth today, for themselves, their teammates, and the Associates organization, their success ensures our future and bridges us all to our proud past.

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Collaborators: Kean Hiroshima, Grace Horikiri, Hiko & Susan Shimamoto, Kinya Matsuno, Marty Ideta, Gary Hiroshima and Pat Nishimoto

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