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Memorable Events

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The Jeff Adachi Public Defender Campaign

After being introduced to Jeff Adachi by legendary community activist Sox Kitashima, Kaz agreed to help with the graphics for Jeff’s campaign for the office of Public Defender. What was supposed to be a slam dunk, given Jeff’s years of experience in the PD’s office, became a horse race when Adachi was abruptly fired and the daughter of a well-placed politician jumped into the race.


Recognizing what Jeff had to offer, Kaz offered his business tag line “Experience. The Difference” to the campaign. The message resonated with the public and Adachi was victorious. For Kaz, working with a candidate he believed in and finding the right messaging was gratifying. The Jeff Adachi campaign was Kaz’s first – and only – foray into electoral politics.

Collaborators: The Adachi Campaign Team and Gwen PingLing Tan

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