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Memorable Events


The VIPs were invited for a pre-event Japanese dinner. 

Kimochi Sansei Live! Is Sho-ni  

After a decade of Sansei Live! events, Kimochi asked Kaz to create a design that would commemorate the original intent of the evening – uniting and honoring different generations, as well as members of the community. The Japanese word “Isshoni,” meaning “together,” was selected as the theme. Recognizing the people of Kimochi, NDD created a rich and meaningful visual of interlocking hands using images of the hands of actual Kimochi residents, staff, members, and volunteers. At the event, a group of Asian American authors; including Janice Mirikitani, Ben Fong-Torres, Guy Kawasaki, and Doug Yamamoto; were honored and sold autographed copies of their books to benefit Kimochi. After the event, the design; emblazoned on t-shirts, baseball caps, and commemorative pins; was worn proudly throughout the Japantown community.

Collaborators: Steve Nakajo, Sandy Mori, Karen Sasaki, Kean Hiroshima, Wes Aoki, Anna Maniago, Grace Horikiri, Greg Goodwin, Lloyd Hryciw and Kiyoka Matsuoka

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