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With Gratitude


"Thank you very much for your creativity, hard work and patience. We appreciate your attention to detail and your creative process. It is a joy to work with you both and this has been one of the best experiences I have had in a long time."


-Karen Korematsu, Founder and Executive Director of the Fred T. Korematsu Institute

Asian Law Caucus Brick Campaign

Having helped establish Chinatown’s first affordable housing co-op, the Asian Law Caucus found a permanent home in the building’s ground-floor. This office was also the first home of the Fred Korematsu Institute, an organization carrying on Mr. Korematsu’s civil rights legacy. NDD Creative was approached by ALC and Fred Korematsu’s daughter, Karen, to produce donor recognition boards for both organizations. In the final design, the names of donors on rectangular, satin-finished plates mounted on plexiglass, float above the original brick building walls – recognizing the organizations’ donors and the underlying history, the bricks and mortar, of community and commitment to the cause of justice.

Collaborators: Karen Korematsu, Audee Kochiyama-Holman, Grace Horikiri and Thomas Swan Sign Co.

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