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With Gratitude

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Sacramento Buddhist Church Wall of Appreciation

“We knew we had it right from the reactions of the church members,” recalls Kaz, “People were delighted to see family and friends and old photos that brought back so many memories.” NDD Creative worked closely with the Legacy Endowment Board of the Sacramento Buddhist Church Betsuin to reflect the concept of okagesama, a spirit of humility and gratitude. Located in the hallway adjoining their Japanese garden, the mural of archival photos, set on an arching design reflecting the church’s original doorway, forms the backdrop for three custom-made scrolls highlighting the church’s past, its legacy and its future. The Wall of Appreciation transcends its individual elements and has touched the heart of its community.

Collaborators: SBC Legacy Endowment Board, Tomoko Murakami, Karen Kai, Grace Horikiri and Vital Sings

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