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Faces of Japantown

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Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program

Rosa Parks JBBP is a unique public elementary school program integrating authentic instruction and experiences in Japanese language and culture with SFUSD's daily core curriculum. In partnership with the Japanese American community, San Francisco’s first elected Board of Education established the Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program (JBBP) in 1973 to preserve and share the legacy of Japanese Americans and Japanese language and culture with future generations of San Franciscans. After the program moved to Rosa Parks School in Japantown in 2006, the parent group wanted a new logo that reflected its educational integration of Japanese and Japanese American curriculum. This project was especially meaningful to Kaz, whose 3 children were JBBP graduates and whose granddaughter was then enrolled in JBBP at Rosa Parks Elementary.

Collaborators: Satoe Haile, Karen Kai, and Augie Phillips

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