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Signs of Distinction

The 5-foot circular piece has a custom-made red lacquer frame, which resembles a traditional Japanese oke (serving bowl), used for special occasions. NDD oversaw the selection and assembly of the museum-quality materials and coordinated the complex, on-site installation of the Legacy Circle.

Keiro Senior HealthCare - Legacy Circle Display

Displayed prominently in the Administration Building Lobby is the elegant Legacy Circle, a tribute to Keiro’s planned giving donors. NDD designed this unique work of art with overlapping layers of natural Japanese materials to represent the vital contributions of everyone in the organization working together to ensure Keiro’s legacy of care. NDD hand selected the natural materials like slate, bamboo, and mahogany used for the symbolic layers of the organization. Quotes collected from residents, staff, donors and volunteers were engraved into the layers as a permanent affirmation of Keiro’s important work and legacy. The hard work and vision of the eight founders is woven throughout Keiro’s history, so to honor them, their names and family mons (crests) were embroidered onto rich, silk fabric.

Collaborators: Audrey T. Pettyjohn, Grace Horikiri, George Slack, Vital Signs, Morrison Ohara and Alliance Graphics. 

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