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Lasting Impressions

Dental Business Cards

How often does a business card get a second look – and why? Designing cards for two personal friends, both dental professionals, was a challenging task resulting in smiles of approval. 


For Thomas “Tats” Ogawa, Kaz embossed the dentist’s name on white cardstock in rounded letters. Reminiscent of a row of teeth, the concept came to life when a piece of dental floss was inserted in slots inside the letter “w” making the card a reminder of both Dr. Ogawa’s name and the directive to floss regularly.

Collaborators: Tats Ogawa and Henry Matsuura

unnamed (1).jpg

Henry Matsuura’s card also uses embossing and die cut to wordlessly and eloquently describe his work – creating replacement teeth. The row of embossed teeth on the front of the card has a “missing” tooth that is revealed when the card is opened; on the inside is a single embossed tooth that precisely fills the space. For these dental professionals, one card from NDD is worth a thousand words.

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