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With Gratitude

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Nihonmachi Little Friends - Plant A Seed Campaign

In 2012 Nihonmachi Little Friends began the capital campaign to create this an early childhood education building that, along with the historic Issei Women’s Building, is the permanent home for its preschool programs. Working with NLF’s staff, campaign volunteers, and fundraising consultant, NDD created the logo, campaign materials and donor boards for the campaign. Inspired by the action of planting a seed that grows to be a beautiful tree, the “Tané Maki” or Plant a Seed Campaign received generous support from many donors. The donor categories were named for trees with significance in Japanese culture. In 2017, with the opening of this new building, NLF’s dream of ensuring the stability and vitality of its preschool programs in San Francisco Japantown has come true.

Collaborators: Cathy Inamasu, Karen Kai, George Slack, Grace Horikiri, Vital Signs, Pagoda Arts and Photoworks

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