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History Unveiled

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San Francisco Japantown History Walk

As part of a state-supported cultural preservation project for California’s 3 remaining Japantowns, San Francisco opened bidding for the best utilization of its share of the funds. NDD was selected as the project team commissioned to create the Japantown History Walk, a self-guided walking tour, featuring historically and culturally significant landmarks in the community. Working with the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC), NDD designed the Sensu (fan) sculpture and 17 permanent interpretive signs and plaques of the 10 block walking tour as part of an innovative cultural tourism program. Visitors learn about the Japanese American community and the rich 100-year history of Japantown as they are guided to more than a dozen significant locations.

Collaborators: Karen Kai, Grace Horikiri and Bob Rusky, KVO Industries and Arrow Sign Company

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