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Signs of Distinction

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Nihonmachi Little Friends – Tateuchi Foundation Signage

Although based in Seattle, Washington, the Atsuhiko and Ina Goodwin Tateuchi Foundation provided grants for Nihonmachi Little Friends’ Japanese YWCA building in San Francisco. Customized lettering over for the auditorium entrance was designed to attach without damage to the original wood paneling and a laser-cut wooden sign describes the Foundation’s mission. Later, the Tateuchi Foundation funded the Lobby for NLF’s newly constructed children’s education center. To make the signage in this high use area durable and yet elegant, NDD layered plexiglass over a laser-cut wood panel with the Tateuchi name and mission set on a washi paper background in NLF’s signature teal blue next to NLF’s logo.

Collaborators: George Slack, Vital Signs, Pagoda Arts, Grace Horikiri and Karen Kai

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